In Summary…

Hello there, Human.

You’ve stumbled across my little corner of the inter-web. This is where I like to release my eccentricities to the world with much abandon – it is frankly a quite dangerous power to wield. Here is where I explore the fabrics of reality, bend space-time, and… and get distracted by the smallest thing, or ramble for 3 pages.

In short, I write. Whether it’s good writing or not is left to be decided.

Who am I?

Glad you asked. I could give you the short version, but in case you’ve forgotten, I like to rambling so it would likely turn into the long version anyhow. (It’s in the blog name, after all.)

So long version it is.

I’m Sarah. You can call me… well, Sarah. Sink also passes – it’s a nickname of sorts. What do I do?

Well – a lot of things. I write, I train horses, and most importantly – I ramble. I ponder the meaning of whatever happens to interest me on a given day. So if you’ve come here for steady, reliable content – you’ve come to the wrong blog. One day it might be writing, one day it might be something about my horses, one day it might be an art dump. If the mood strikes me, I might dig into a little about geology, philosophy, or biology, or any of the other ologies I feel like talking about at that moment.

But now back to my nickname, since I’m sure you’re curious. Sink is an acronym of sorts – back in the day, I used to just go by Sarah(since that is, technically speaking, my real name), then I went by Sarah-Inkdragon in a middle school phase(Inkdragon was also my blog name). Later on, it got shortened to just ‘Sink’ by friends(because honestly Sarah-Inkdragon is way too long to be spoken), and it just stuck.

So, Sink it is. I mean, you could likely call me Sarah as well and I wouldn’t mind, but I’ve been Sink for so long I like keeping the nickname.

Anyhow. Getting back to important things – one thing I will be serious about is that I’m a Christian through-and-through, and you can expect content to reflect that. However, you can also expect my rather sarcastic sense of humor, which should balance out any sermon-like rants I might eventually go on someday at 2AM in a possible lapse of judgement. (Like this page.)

So, now that’s we’ve gotten basic introductions down, welcome to my blog.