Hello, and welcome.

Some of you might know me, and some of you don’t.

I’m Sarah – I’ve been around here for a while, but I’ve taken a few years off from blogging. Previously I ran the blog that was called ‘My Pen & I'(and later on, Inkdragon), but as I got older and had more responsibilities on my plate, blogging was something that just got put on the back burner.

But here we are, yet again. I’ve decided that I would like further my writing as well as allow myself a place to record my thoughts and ramblings – hence the name – so I’ll be back at it.

How frequent I will be writing, is really up to my ability to procrastinate and how heavy my workload with homework + work + horses is, so I will be honest and say it will most likely be infrequent at best. But I’ll do my best.

(Honestly as well, first blog posts are intimidating so let’s just get past this one and we’ll see where it goes.)

What can you expect from me?

Well, beyond the aforementioned infrequent-ness, you can expect me to post on… well, anything and everything. I have a lot of interests and a lot of hobbies. So this will not be a strictly writing blog, though a good bit of it will be writing focused(or art-focused). You can expect some context on my writing, art, and the occasional equestrian update.

I’ve tried to outline the main novels I have in the works on my ‘Works-In-Progress’ page for anyone interested. There are really too many that I’m not sure will every formulate to put up, but I will add more or update as I go. Hopefully I can share a few snippets of writing every now and then, though writing this blog is a writing exercise of it’s own.

We shall see.

Anyhow – there are short introductions, long introductions can be found on my ‘In Summary’ page. Enjoy!