Here I will introduce you to my children.

The Eternal Kingdom

The first story that I have been working on for arguably the longest amount of time is one that doesn’t have an official title, but I have been calling it ‘Rodion’s Grand Adventure‘ for lack of a better name.

Kidding, it still doesn’t have a title yet but I call it ‘The Eternal Kingdom‘. I’m not 100% happy with that title, but I haven’t thought of anything better yet. You can read all about the blog posts tagged ‘The Eternal Kingdom’ here, and you can view the (messy) Pinterest board for it here. And below, is a very sloppy blurb.


Rodion is written off as the lazy, history-obsessed eldest son of the king, detrermined to avoid his birthright and the mooching nobles that come with it. However, when his younger sister is kidnapped by an enemy kingdom and pronounced dead by the king before the ransom note even crosses his desk later that morning, he will go to any lengths to get her back. Even if it means enlisting the help of a rebel soldier.

Vyrn was once a proud noblewoman, but war has turned her land and people into ashes of what they once were. More die every day due to famine and disease, yet the king will not aid them as he believes them cursed. Desperate, Vyrn joins a small rebel army to find a way to force the king into giving her people aid. When the king’s son comes in search of help finding his lost sister, she leaps at the opportunity. After all – one child of the king for ransom is great leverage, but two?

Haydn was born to be General Thraxton’s king-killer, to usher a new age of peace and prosperity into the world once the tyrannical king is dead. But to kill him, he must first learn the source of the king’s unnatural power, and the head of his only daughter seems like a good bargaining chip. However, when the king simply announces the girl dead, he is stranded with a worthless prisoner, being hunted by a very determined brother.


This Curse to Bear

This novel has also been in the making for quite some time, though I’ll admit I’ve sidelined it quite a bit. It’s sort of a mystery/romance/re-telling of the story of Moses, which is quite interesting(in my opinion). I’ll make a Pinterest board eventually someday.


When a body washes in with the tides, the people of Dunhaven thought little of it. It happened from time to time – an unlucky fisherman, a random soul fallen overboard off a passing vessel – but never had the seas brought them one who was alive. He wore the clothes of a soldier but bore the scars of a criminal, and remembered nothing but the sea who brought him there.

Seven years later, a woman arrives searching for the man who killed her brother.



Mimic is one of my only real-world novels. It’s a mystery/crime/thriller type novel, and deals with spies and murder mysteries and amnesia and such fun.